Visiting Myakka Elephant Ranch

Have you ever given an elephant a bath? Now, I can say that I have. Elephants LOVE baths and need to bathe daily. In the wild, they roll in the water and mud to stay cool and keep their skin hydrated. Of course, they also play in it too!

If You Give An Elephant A Bath…They Start Purring!

My group chose to do the “Spa Encounter.” We were introduced to a female African elephant, Lou, who is the matriarch of the group. Each person was called up one by one to participate in a part of the “spa” experience including spraying them with the hose, spraying and brushing on the soap, washing off the soap, and brushing on oil to their nails.

Then came the learning portion, where everyone was able to ask questions and learn about these fascinating creatures as well as the conservation efforts of Myakka Elephant Ranch. Including the fact that they’re in the process of building a “swimming pool” for the elephants! Do they love their elephants or what?! At the end of the informational session, everyone had the opportunity to take their picture with the elephants. Then, they let them out in the yard to play.

If you’re looking for something fun and educational for your kids, this is an incredible opportunity to take advantage of. All kids are able to help out with the bathing process as well and ask their own questions about endangered animals.

*COVID-19 Precautions were taken including social distancing and mask precautions throughout the encounter.

From Tusk to Tail, African to Asian, elephant conservation characterizes our primary purpose. Intimate elephant encounters guided by professional caregivers that will enlighten, educate, and provide for an unforgettable experience. Knowledge and understanding are the gateways to global conservation and restoration of these majestic mammals. Our passion, dedication, and collective efforts from the public ensure continued success in this vitally important endeavor.”

The History & Mission of Myakka Elephant Ranch

The Myakka Elephant Ranch is a nonprofit, family-run, elephant conservation center. As a non-profit, the organization depends on donations and paid experiences like the elephant encounter in order to stay up and running. Their proceeds are currently directed towards a five-acre expansion project, an addition of a natural watering hole (elephant swimming pool), natural foliage and toys, care/supplies for the elephants, and field trips for local schools.

The Myakka Elephant Ranch puts community outreach at the forefront of its efforts. Their belief is that through personal experience, combined with education, lasting preservation of the species can be found and created.

The Elephant Crisis

There are less than 500,000 elephants left in the world. Let that sink in. The lovable, giants with large ears and ginormous trunks, are dying. Approximately 100 elephants die a day worldwide. The number one predator? Humans. Our species continues to poach elephants for their tusks and encroach on their habitat.

Right now, conservation efforts are essential to the survival of the species. Places like Myakka Elephant Ranch are working to help these beautiful creatures have a chance against the human race.

Ways to assist these conservation effort include making a donation or booking a session to meet and experience the elephants up close. I recommend meeting this unbelievable creatures…they are breathtaking.

Contact Information: Myakka Elephant Ranch

Please take advantage of this incredible non-profit by booking an elephant encounter today. Their three booking experiences range from 1 hour to 2.5 hours.



Phone#: 941-702-0220


Address: Located 11 miles East of I-75 in between Lakewood Ranch & Myakka City Florida. They offer appointment-only visits so you will receive an email with their location after booking. 

Mailing Address for Donations: Myakka Elephant Ranch Inc. 1767 Lakewood Ranch Blvd. #270 Bradenton, FL 34211